Advantages of LVT Flooring


LVT or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Tiles or Luxury Vinyl Planks respectively) are growing substantially in popularity. These products are not your “old school” vinyl floors. LVT is a vinyl flooring products designed to mimic real wood or ceramic tile floors. In many cases these floors look so real that you need to bend over and touch it to determine if it is. Most of these products come in individual planks that click and lock together during installation. There are many advantages to LVT flooring over traditional wood flooring. Here are just a few advantages to LVT flooring:

1) Does not require sealing like many floors do and is much easier to remove than ceramic floors. (Installed with the click lock system)
2) Is easier to clean and scratches less than if you had hardwood floors.
3) LVT is affordable.
4) Is manufactured to be more resistant to products such as water or fire.
5) Offers more intricate designs other than hardwood such as mosaic and even an imitation of tile floors.
6) If LVT gets damaged, only the damaged area needs to be removed rather than the entire floor.
7) Can last up to 30 years without being replaced.
8) Most are waterproof, pet proof, and child proof

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